Healthcare Compliance

Write a paper on protecting patient information in the cyber world. Include an overview of the laws and guidelines designed to protect patient information on the computers.

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Data Protection in Healthcare Systems

Today’s corporate environment requires that all organizations are pro-active in cyber security. Every field has embraced the technological changes, and the healthcare sector has to follow suit. Given that majority of medical institutions have adopted information technology, it is essential to prevent data breaches before they happen. Honnegowda (2013) warns that unlike other sectors like financial institutions and research bodies which have invested heavily in secure platforms, many health care facilities do not have the robust security of their data. Their investments in electronic medical records systems, repositories, and in encrypted databases are still not substantial.

Having secure health data platforms is fundamentally important since medical records have critical information that would be used by hackers in identity theft. Yamamoto (2016) point out that medical records store the social security numbers, addresses, and personal information. The information can be used in illicit transactions when it falls into the wrong hands. If the...

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