We have looked at CQI from the perspective of the office management team members and, to a certain extent, the doctor's role. To understand the variety of roles that contribute to CQI, I am sharing the nurse’s role in the delivery of quality care, which for a long time was not acknowledged as part of their professional role. Nurses are responsible for not only taking care of the patients but monitoring and analyzing the care delivered. The American Nurses Association is a large national organization that assists in the advancement of the nursing profession. They also assist in promoting the nursing practice as a highly-skilled and necessary role in improving health care quality.
Nurses are involved in CQI activities across the health care continuum, which includes acute, primary, and long-term care. Healthcare is a dynamic and rapidly changing environment for all professionals and especially nurses (Sollecito & Johnson, 2012). However, health care systems are still lacking in recognizing the contribution of nursing.
With that said, our readings over the past few weeks discussed efforts on the part of other organizations (ANA, CMS, IOM, etc.) in developing or promoting the efforts of nursing. What can you find that might indicate support from these organizations? Do you think the efforts will make a difference?
You have learned that teamwork is an essential part of Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) and healthcare delivery. Healthcare professional roles include physicians, nurses, diagnostics and radiology staff, hospital administrators, patient registration, and triage staff, etc. Each role has its own contribution to ensuring the delivery of quality care.

In your opinion, discuss two of the roles listed above and their role in the delivery of quality care. Identify two professional responsibilities of the chosen roles, and link them to the quality improvement process of improving patient wait times in the Emergency Room. Include communication techniques this role would utilize to assist in improving patient wait times to the CQI team or staff.

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The professional associations in nursing are crucial for the generation of proactive work, energy and the exchange of ideas required to sustain a healthy occupation that upholds for the requirements and standards of its nurses and clients and the trust of the community....

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