Write a brief journal entry (350- 500 words) in which you will:
Explain newly-developed skills as well as other learning opportunities acquired through your university experience.
Describe where and how you acquired the necessary skills that helped you excel through the progression of your education. Be sure to include examples.
Develop a plan illustrating how you plan to transfer those skills into everyday life.
Demonstrate critical thinking skills by effectively communicating ideas or points clearly, thoroughly, and accurately.
The journal entry should meet APA standards and requirements.

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University life has been an eye-opening experience for me as it has allowed me to develop new virtues, knowledge, and skills that I need to advance in various spheres of life and education. Overall, the university experience has helped me to develop new proficiencies in research, teamwork, reading, and writing.
Essentially, the many essays and capstone projects that the university assigns its students have taught me how to filter out the relevant information from the...

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