Regarding to the Health Care Reform, decide if the company was compliant with 2015 requirements and if they are still compliant for 2016. What kind of penalties would they face if not compliant? Must explain ALL options available to them. Then, make a recommendation for their program. Try to stay as cost neutral as possible. Be able to support the recommendations with a thorough analysis of why this is in the best interest of the company.

Unfortunately you may not have all of the information to determine if they have implemented every reform. Since that is the case, make sure to outline any reforms you think will impact this company (both past and future).

The format should be a business style report. Charts, graphs, etc are welcome to supplement your material. Average pages for this type of assignment is 18-20.

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Background of the Health care Reform
Principally, theHealth Care Reform program was a gradual transformation of the older system that was marked by lack of access to quality healthcare (Kaplan, 2012). In this case, the Federal government was concerned with the high number of the uninsured, since 45 million of people were uninsured (Kaplan, 2012). In addition, the delivery of the health care in the system was poor since some of the services were not offered to the insured and there was a perception that healthcare was not affordable. In light of this, the formulation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) that is also known as Health Care Reform was meant to meet the inadequacies in the healthcare system (McGreal 2009).Therefore, it was considered the most significant overhaul of the healthcare system since the 1965. In its implementation, the effective dates varied as it was gradual with the most important date marked as December 2014(McGreal 2009). In this case, the implementation for every year had requirements to be fulfilled by the employer regarding the uninsured and deductions with the most notable being the requirement for the years 2014 , 2015, 2016, and beyond.

Implementation of 2014 Requirements
The requirements for the year 2014 were based on the individual obligations that one should make plans to obtain an acceptable insurance cover or pay the stipulated penalty (Thompson & Gusmano, 2014).In line with this, the state and Federal health insurance Exchanges were, therefore, to become open for business to help in increasing the health insurance covers. Further, there was an alteration of the health insurance cover that guaranteed one to be issued with one and renewal of the same. In this case, there was a removal of the earlier existing conditions on exclusion, while the insurance providers were prohibited from charging higher rates based on the health status and gender(Thompson & Gusmano, 2014). In addition, the waiting period for the health cover was reduced as the coverage ought not to exceed 90 days. Further, the Act stated that the amount of deductibles should not exceed $2000 for singles or $4000 for families....

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