• Written Case Analyses
As a suggested guide to conducting such strategic analyses, you should read Appendix A in the text entitled “Analyzing Strategic Health Care Cases”. In writing your case analysis, you may use an outline format with “expanded bullet points” as long as your ideas, statements, and recommendations are expressed fully. Each written case analysis should be at least two-pages long and completed in MS Word.
Read Case 4: OR Solutions Reacher a Crossroad and
Case 9: Governance Challenges at Good Hands Healthcare (A)

For Case 10: The Rosemont Behavioral Health Center, answer the following questions in a composition form:
Does the Organization Have a Marketing Department/Division?
Does the Organization Have Clear Marketing Goals?
Does the Organization Have a Marketing Plan?
Does the Organization Have Clearly Defined Marketing Strategies?
Is the Current Database System Market Oriented?
Does the Organization Maintain Clearly Defined Linkages with Potential Referring Physicians?
Does the Organization Maintain Clearly Defined Linkages with Social Agencies?
Does the Organization Have Contractual Arrangements with Medicare and Medicaid?
Does the Organization Have Managed Care Contracts?
Does the Organization Have a Comprehensive Employee Assistance Program?
Does the Organization Have a Distinct Competency That Differentiates It from
Its Competitors?
Is the Organization Strategically Positioned to Respond to Increases in Outpatient and
Decreases in Inpatient Services?

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These solutions may offer step-by-step problem-solving explanations or good writing examples that include modern styles of formatting and construction of bibliographies out of text citations and references. Students may use these solutions for personal skill-building and practice. Unethical use is strictly forbidden.

Inferring from the case study, it is evident that the organization has a marketing division. However, the department is not well developed. Such inefficiency is defined by duplicated roles and responsibilities and a lack of clear goals and objectives.
The confusion in the marketing department is evident since the marketing goals are lacking, or are particularly vague. As if to confirm this claim, Christiansen (2014) claimed that a firm with ambiguous goals promotes a culture of role overlap and increasing dissatisfaction. Therefore, the absence of marketing goals has made the workers assigned with marketing roles to lapse in performing their duties in the right manner.
The company has a marketing plan but seems to function sporadically. As such, the marketing initiatives are only initiated when the firm wants to achieve a particular cause. In other times, the plans are entirely dormant. In the light of this, just as Christiansen (2014) explained, the organization has passive marketing plans.
The organization does not have clearly defined marketing strategies. The vagueness is shaped by the fact that loose relationship between the tactics and objectives prevails. In some instances, the association is not clear at all. For instance, based on the case study, it is apparent that the firm uses independent marketing contractors to trigger admissions. While this is the case, such a strategy fails to account for primary concerns including the alternatives.
The current database system is, to a large extent, not market oriented. Even though the company is active in generating formal information about the market, it seems that no sharing is done. Most of the employees in the firm are not aware of some of the key information about the market served, yet this is contained in the database. The lack of information sharing might be perceived as one of the reasons for ineffective marketing operations.
The firm is determined to maintain clearly defined linkages with potential referring physicians. For example...

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