1    Reflection Journal: Biology and You

Review your first journal entry and the subsequent two journal entries. How has your perspective changed since you wrote those, particularly since the first journal reflection? What have you learned about the role of biology in your community and country? What about how to interrupt disease on a biological level? How do you think public health will affect your life/health?

2    Discussion: Infectious or Non-Communicable Disease? Which Should Be Our Focus?

Now that you have learned about the biological processes involved in how humans acquire infectious and non-communicable diseases, which do you think is easier to prevent? Consider the three levels of prevention (primary, secondary, and tertiary) and the effects of determinants of health. Use examples to state your case.

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The essence of biology in shaping our lives is immense especially in the protection of living species. Biology studies how all the living things interact with each other and shows the world how every species is interdependent to each other. Without biology, the advancements made in the discovery of causes of the diseases and the relevant physiology would not have been possible as it plays a big role in ensuring that humans have a better grasp to the issues that affect communal health.
People understand the relationships between pathogens and diseases and ways of avoiding them...

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