Final Project: a proposal for a community-based program in your area. For this first written assignment, you will select one vulnerable group:Indigent and homeless people.

Once you have selected a group of interest, write a three page paper that covers the following:
- Discuss the impact that at least two of the factors below have on the vulnerability of your chosen group:
- Age
- Gender
- Culture/Ethnicity
- Income

Analyze the intersection of social, political, and economic factors affecting vulnerability (must address all three factors).

Draft the design of a new model program, not currently existent within your community. Provide a two- to- three paragraph statement that introduces your proposed community program. This section is tentative and might change as you conduct more research. At a minimum, however, items to address should include:

An explanation of the issues and risk factors experienced by the selected population.

An evaluation of the health needs of the group and a proposed continuum of care level (preventive, treatment, or long-term care) based on the group’s issues, risk factors, and needs. Justify the proposed level with supportive research/evidence.

A description of one to two proposed services your program will include.

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Vulnerable Population: Jacksonville Case Study

1. Introduction

Jacksonville is the most populous city in the USA with an approximately 900,000 individuals in 2015 (Hudson, 2014). The high population and the poor social amenities lead to detrimental social vices, which inhibit social development in the end. The major cause of the current situation in Jacksonville is the government consolidation in 1968, which gave the city its large size. Additionally, the plan kept most of the metropolitan population away from the city thus forcing the relocation to the newly consolidated Jacksonville city. The series of events attracted the poor and marginalized groups who moved to the city in the attempt to make a new living in the contemporary American society. However, due to the low development...

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