Option 2: Community Resources Wiki (1000 - 1500 words)

In this course. we have been examining the social determinants of health and exploring how things like housing, income work and retirement leisure and recreation and social connectedness may affect health and well-being.

Understanding the available resources in your community is important when working with older adults.
Needs may range from individuals and families seeking opportunities for social interaction to requirements for housing support or access to basic necessities such as food and clothing

The purpose of this assignment is to identify resources for older adults in a given community and create an inventory of resources in the following categories:

A. Housing

B. Income/Economic well being

C. Employment/Retirement

D. Transportation

E. Mental health and wellness

F. Physical health and wellness, including care for acute and chronic health conditions

G. Leisure and Recreation

H. Grief and loss

I. Social connectedness (you may include resources from other categories, such as leisure and recreation in this category as well if applicable).

If you identify other resources, please create an additional appropriate category.

Where no resources are identified in a particular category please report this under the category headings, Selecting a community

You can select the community in which you currently live, your hometown, the community in which you work or are planning to work, or a different community in other parts of British Columbia (BC) or outside of the province. Once you have identified the community that you wish to explore. please notify your Open Learning Faculty Member who will let you know whether your request has been approved.

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Resources for Older Adult and Inventory of Resources

Resources for Older Adults in North York Toronto in Canada and an Inventory of Resources


Health condition in homes of the older people of the community in North York Toronto is decided in part by access to social and economic opportunities.
These include resources and support that are available in homes, neighborhoods, and the community.

The community resources may include better housing, income, working condition, retirement benefits, transportation, mental health and wellness, physical health and wellness, as well as quality leisure and recreational activities (Stone & Harahan, 2010).In essence, these health determinants in aged individuals can affect social and physical settings that promote good health in old age.

The condition of the community environment in North York Toronto in which the older adults live affect a broad range of health, community functioning units, and quality of life outcomes and risks involved in old age.
In their setting, the model of social rendezvous and sense of safety, as well as individual well-being determinants, affects the relationship and population health.

Income/Economic Well-being

The community economic...

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