Discuss legal cases in which misfeasance or malfeasance were alleged and proven against a healthcare provider;
•    Explain how damages in these types of cases are measured;
•    Synthesize your research and make recommendations to avoid, minimize, or mitigate damages.

Must be 5 pages double spaced and the use of 5 scholar journals.

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Medical malpractices, which comprise misfeasance, malfeasance, and nonfeasance, refer to intentional or accidental medical errors, negligence, or breach of professional duties leading to adverse patient outcomes. According to Heller (2017), the average visit to a doctor of over four times a year exposes many individuals to malpractice incidences that result in enormous legal claims. Misfeasance refers to the wrongful or erroneous delivery of care by a physician acting according to the principles of the recommended standard of care. Malfeasance relates to the wrongful conduct of a medical practitioner in denying care, providing erroneous medical services, or neglecting fundamental duties that constitute an unlawful medical practice. Nonfeasance refers to negligence or intentional refusal to provide standard care or act in a manner defined by the legal obligation or medical standards of care. The following review examines prominent medical malpractice cases in the United States and their implications to the involved healthcare institutions and healthcare providers. The review also provides recommendations for mitigating these medical malpractices....

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