HA515 Leadership in Healthcare

Unit 1 Discussion Topic

Leadership Versus Management

Please share your thoughts on the Discussion topic posed below. Your responses to the Discussion should be at least 200 words.

Take time to review your colleagues’ responses and reply with comments. You should post comments to at least two colleagues in the Discussion. Reply posts should be at least 75 words and not merely an acknowledgement. Try be analytical and helpful in your responses.

Discussion Topic

There are definite differences between leaders and managers. Compare and contrast leadership versus management, and explain why it is important for health organizations to have both leaders and managers. Cite references (from your text and/or outside sources) in APA format.

Leadership Self-Assessment
Unit outcomes addressed in this Assignment:
• Explain your personal leadership style through the use of leadership and personality assessments.

Chapter 2 of your text explores how to determine your own leadership style. Using the tools mentioned in the text, conduct a self-assessment of your leadership style and skills. You must reference at least two of the tools from the text. You should also include at least three supportive references in your paper, with at least one being an outside peer-reviewed source. The paper should be 4–5 pages in length, and in APA format.

Unit 1 Discussion
In 200 words or more, create an initial post that fully addresses the following. Later this week, be sure to respond to at least two classmates during this unit in 100 words or more.

The Wyeth Case

For the Discussion Board this week, you will be reviewing the information in the textbook about the basics of the American legal system. Go to the following site and read the information on Wyeth v. Bruesewitz .

Source: Bruesewitz et al v. Wyeth LLC, fka Wyeth, Inc.: Supreme Court of the United States. Retrieved from
You may also look up another source on this case for further information. In 200 words or more, respond to the three questions listed below. Also, be sure to respond to at least two classmates during this unit in 100 words or more.

1. In your own words, briefly summarize the case and describe the issues in this case.
2. In reviewing the Wyeth case, discuss the legal duties that were breached. Include in your initial post, the parties to this case and possible defenses to the allegation of breach.
3. Lastly, consider the implications of the decision in this case to healthcare providers and drug manufacturers. Do you agree or disagree with the reasoning of the court in this case? If you were the judge, how would you have decided this case?

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Leadership Self-Assessment

For this submission, I selected the VARK Test and Hemisphere Dominance. On the one hand, the VARK Test seeks to provide an in-depth insight into an individual’s predisposition towards a well-defined learning style (Ledlow & Coppola, 2013). Hemisphere Dominance, on the other hand, is a personality assessment test that indicates the part of the brain, whether right or left, that dominates in a person. This paper describes my leadership style and skills founded on the outcomes of these two tests.

The VARK Test Results and Discussion
The VARK Test evaluated my personality based on four paramount elements, namely, visual, aural, read/write, and kinesthetic. I scored the highest on the Kinesthetic and visual aspects (each 11). For the case of read/write and aural elements, I scored six and three respectively. Drawing from this, the VARK Test showed that my personality is VK, which means that I have a multimodal learning preference. As a visual learner, Ledlow and Coppola (2013) clarify that a person prefers learning using pictures, graphs, and flowcharts to assist them gain a clear understanding of composite phenomena. In addition to this, the authors purport that visual learners usually feel more comfortable whenever matrixes and blueprints surround them, but debates along with decision discussions might distract these individuals.

My leadership style/characteristics, as a visual learner, imply that I meet the crucial demands for visual leaders as described by Sibbet (2012). Foremost, visual leaders often use models along with metaphors to filter their understanding of the manner in which things work in their firms. Secondly, Sibbet (2012) explains that visual leaders use visual meetings to engage, inspire, support the thought process, and reinforce. This is essential as it allows the leader to get...

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