Find a full text HRQoL peer review article that can be used to answer the following questions. Post the citation of the article to the discussion board, so that your colleagues will not use the same article.

What population(s) was/were studied?
What is the purpose of the study?
Write a brief a summary that discuss the health issue that was studied.
Why did the researchers use the HRQoL for this study?
How is the theoretical framework/model, linked to the disease/health issue and HRQoL?
What is the name of the instrument that was used to measure HRQoL?
What are the results of the study? What measures where high/low? Why? How are the results significant to the overall purpose of the study?
What did the study conclude?
What are future recommendations for the study?
How can this study be applied to cost effective analysis?
Cite the article using APA format.

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Article Review
For this submission, the selected article is Effect of a Lifestyle-Based Intervention on Health-Related Quality of Life in Older Adults with Hypertension by Mei-Lan Chen, Jie Hu, Thomas P. McCoy, Susan Letvak, and Luba Invanov. The article which is a peer-reviewed research report, was published in 2018.
The population studied
The researchers studied a sample of 460 older adults between 60 and 95 years. These subjects were drawn from an earlier inquiry named the Well Elderly 2 Study. The researchers did not include participants with signs of psychosis. Those who were unable to complete the assessment battery were also excluded.
The purpose of the study
The purpose of the study is to...

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