Prepare an Outline for the Proposal
To write an effective grant proposal writer need to know the components of a grant, their order, and contents. Activity 4 provides you with the opportunity to explore and learn the various grant components so that you can successfully plan and write a grant proposal by the end of the class.

Develop an outline for the grant based upon the results from the former assignments. The outline will help you to identify the necessary components and supporting materials for your final grant manuscript. Follow the criteria specified in your chosen funding source to construct your outline. However, it will likely include, in some form the following organizational summary.

• Organizational Summary
Brief description of organization, mission statement, history of organization, qualifications of personnel, etc.

• Needs Statement/Summary
Demographics, demonstrated need for the project, number of people served, etc.

• Program/ Project Description
A clearly defined project goal and grant objectives, benchmarks of program success, measurement and evaluation procedures/standards, etc.

• Implementation and Timeline
Plan of action, implementation strategies, implementation needs (materials, cost, personnel), etc.

• Budget
Numerical allocation and narrative

• Evaluation
Evaluative instruments that will be used to measure the degree to which the objectives of the grant were met.

Your document will be developed as an outline in two more levels, and narrative sections where elaboration is necessary. Your outline should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts that are presented in the course and provide new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards.

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Introduction. As a means of successfully awarded a grant it is essential various factors and components of the organization as well as the project be communicated. It is essential to understand not every grant submitted is awarded funding. The application process is a long, tedious procedure requiring patience and a lot of work.
Organizational Summary. A goal of the Ohio Collaborative for Clear Health Communication is the provision of educational material, resources, outreach and various activities in an effort to enable Ohioans to gain a better understanding of healthcare needs and initiatives. The first meeting of this collaboration took place in April, 2008 which was convened at the request of The Ohio State University College of Medicine - Office of Outreach & Engagement and Area Health Education Center (AHEC). As a representation of public and private members the Collaborative typically meets in the Fall and Summer having come together...
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