Question 1
Describe how either social sciences or science has impacted the field of emergency management. Provide at least two examples

Question 2
Describe how homeland security law and policy has influenced presidential authority and responsibility. Provide at least one example.

Question 3
Describe what role theory has in emergency management. Provide at least one example

Question 4
Describe how US disaster policy influenced federal disaster relief for state and local governments. Provide at least one example.

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1. Answer
The most effective approach to disaster or emergency management has been found to be interdisciplinary in nature. In particular, the US’s field of emergency management is quite interdisciplinary in its approach, given the various fields and the various persons from different areas of specialization involved in the approach. In this view, there is a relationship between social sciences and the field of emergency management. Social sciences play an importance role in helping those involved in emergency management, especially in their efforts to understand human behavior as well as the disaster itself. Research methods and approaches used in social sciences have been applied in studying community-level disaster experiences. For example, social scientists have used these approaches to identify certain myths of misconceptions on how people and communities tend to behave during disasters. For example, the question on how people think they are likely to experience disaster or how safe they think they are can only be addressed using social science methods and approaches such as carrying out interviews or surveys with selected populations of people in a given area.
Secondly, social scientists have used social science research methods, including taking into considerations such demographic parameters...

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