Purpose: to provide an opportunity for students to read and report on a book related to the course. Students are to read a book on related course topic and provide a written synopsis/review of the book. The report should provide a summary and discussion on the main themes/topics within the book. Specific examples should also be mentioned. Examples: The Sports Gene, Ball Four, athlete biographies, etc. Other books may also be suitable.

Reports are limited to 3 double spaced pages(excluding references and figures if needed).
In your report, please include:
1) Provide a brief summary/synopsis of the book.
2) Provide a brief critique of the book (is it correct, are there errors?)
3) Explain the relevance or importance (to society) from a scientific perspective.
4) Provide 5 novel details from the book.
5) OTHER: please provide what you think was important and why!
Use the bolded words above as subtitles for each section in your write up.

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Brief Summary / Synopsis
David Epstein’s book “The Sports Gene: Inside the Science of Extraordinary Athletic Performance” discusses topics related to medical science and genetics in a quest of identifying “the sports gene.’’ The book is a compilation of personal stories of top athletes from around the world including an award-winning cross-country skier from Finland, NFL players, and many others. The author tries to unveil the secrets of excellent sports performance as well as break some misconceptions commonly associated with sports and genetics. For example, Epstein is referring to scientific findings to demonstrate how some skills widely believed to be innate such as swift reactions are not genetically predetermined. Similarly, the author suggests that motivation and willingness to train long-hours might depend on genetic heritage more than previously believed. The book also explores the topics like the connection between geographic origin and race, and top achievements in marathon and sprint running....
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