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The Blue Forest Conservancy is a non-profit organization and it is located in the city of Dainepolis in the state of Daine, United States of America. The Blue Forest National Park, located in southwestern Daine, 20 miles eastern from the state capital is one of the largest but also the most unprotected of National Parks in all of United States. For decades the Blue Forest has been systematically destroyed by timber industry and by rapid deforestation that led to alternations in the Forest’s vulnerable ecosystem. Plant and animal species that are endemic to that area were on the edge of extinction.

The mission of the Blue Forest Conservancy that was founded in 2005 is to preserve the ecosystem and the wildlife in Blue Forest National Park, to stop deforestation in that national park and to raise awareness of importance of the Blue Forest National Park for the quality of life in the state of Daine with special focus on the city of Dainepolis, the capital of Daine....
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