This is a case study of Miami public schools. These are the sections of the poster we are doing. We have already done these sections though; we just need to make it flow better. The articles we read all semester have these sections and now the research study we are doing has these sections too. People who write articles have PhD’s and are experts in their field, we are just beginning and this is practice. The most important thing here is to just gain an understanding of how these things all work together. There are directions up already but I am writing them again in a different way.

Abstract – 3 or 4 sentences summarizing the articles, giving background of what other researchers have found and what expected results are. 2 or 3 sentences about methods and data. A vague few sentences about conclusions. Don’t give away everything, make people want to read.

Lit review – take the summary notes of the 3 articles we have read and turn it into a fluid 3 paragraphs, like how the intro or lit review is in articles we read. This part depending on the discipline can vary in length.

Methods – a paragraph about where the data is from, what you are going to do with it, the logic of what this study is.

Data – a nice table, the visuals and what is significant in the data findings. Write a sentence or 2 about each visual, what should I be looking at.

Conclusions – take what you have found to be significant in the data results and explain why it is important, why I should care and how does it relate to thee lit review and what others have found.

Future – Most of you are going to be expanding on this project for your final poster. What direction are you going to take this study? The role of immigrants on school performance? Charters? Elementary and middle schools? What did you find in these preliminary results that you want to continue to research.

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Researchers seem to differ on the primary determinants of students’ performance. Some studies have shown that the socioeconomic backgrounds from which organizations hail from are the sole determinants of academic performance among students. Other studies have shown that school and teacher characteristics are more influential. In this study, the aim was to establish the power of teacher/school characteristics in influencing test scores in five subjects. To attain this objective, this study used a multiple case study method. Interviews and review of archival records were applied. The study finds that schools located in affluent areas have superior characteristics relative to those in less affluent regions and perform better in all subjects than their counterparts.

Literature review
According to Tajalli and Opheim (2004), the “No Child Left behind Act” came into force to assist in shaping the nature of public schools...

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