Watch a video What Not To Do about different cultures:Emic and Etic. Then, answer.
1. What is the relationship between humans and nature? (e.g., do humans dominate nature? Does nature dominate humans? Do the two live in harmony?)
2. What is considered most disrespectful in culture?
3. What is considered most respectful in culture?
4. Commonly held misconception about people of in culture?
5. What the main idea in this movie? What is the result?
6. Why is importuned to accept other cultural? Why it is not?
7. Conclusion

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Titled “What Not to Do,” the video posted on MedAnth’s Emic vs. Etic page was an illustration of a crosscultural healthcare encounter. A Nigerian pregnant woman in labor comes into an ER to be greeted by a nurse who asks the woman to sit down and fill out medical forms before being allowed to get into a bed. Once in the bed, the nurse throws a dressing gown at the woman and demands that she change into it while the nurse finds the doctor. While consulting with another nurse, the woman’s friend or relative joins the woman. This friend acts as a translator for the pregnant patient who doesn’t appear to speak or understand English, communicating by hand or facial gestures. The patient appears greatly upset when a male doctor presents himself. The friend explains to the nurses that a male doctor is not a culturally appropriate caregiver...
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