Compare Gigantopithecus in Asia with the modern gorilla in Africa. How do their dietary niches differ?
2-3 pages doubled spaced. MLA format. Include a reference page.

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Comparing the Dietary Niches of Gigantopithecus in Asia with the Modern Gorilla in Africa
The diet of the Gigantopithecus in Asia differs significantly enough from the modern gorilla in Africa, giving a clue as to how Gigantopithecus may have died out 300,000 years ago. Gorillas mostly subsist on fruits, but in times of food scarcity, they adapt to eating fibrous materials, such as tree bark and stems and leaves, as well as, at times, insects. Gigantopithecus, on the other hand, mainly subsisted on bamboo and a few select fruits, plants which are subject to shortages, which may have contributed to the demise of the species....
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