Omnivore’s Dilemma:

1.    What does it mean to be an omnivore?
2.    What does Pollan mean by the term “national eating disorder”?
3.    What does Pollan man when he says that humans have learned to “substantially modify the food chains we depend on” and what are some of the examples of these modifications?
4.    Do you think it is bad to lose a sense of connection to – and knowledge of – where your food comes from? How do you think we might change what we eat if we better understood where our food came from?

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An omnivore is a person who eats from a variety of sources, including meat, fruits and vegetables, and grains. They consume protein from animals, as well as vegetation. Omnivores, according to Pollan, have a wide variety of choices and because of this, face a dilemma in what to pick to eat. Food now is available not only nationally, but internationally as well, as opposed to how food used to be available, only locally or regionally....
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