Write “Chapter 1: The Plant: (Corn’s Conquest)”
1. Pollan says that when he started contemplating the question “What should I eat?”, he realized there were two other questions he should be asking. What are they why are they particularly important now, as opposed to in the past? And why does Pollan say that they help suggest a working definition of industrial food?
2. Pollan says that when he started trying to follow the industrial food chain, he inevitably seemed to end up in almost exactly the same place. Where did he end up? Why?
3. How can scientists figure out how much corn you eat?
4. Pollan spends several pages describing how corn managed to manipulate humans into planting it.
How is this different from how we usually view our relationships with animals and crops? Can you think of any other examples of species (plant or animal) for which the same argument could be made?

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1. Pollan asks himself additionally, “What am I eating? And where in the world does it come from?” He says that the industrial food chain that exists now, but didn’t exist in the past, is why he must ask these questions. He says that it’s because food has become so complex that an expert is needed to understand it....
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