The Consumer
1. What does Pollan suggest is the underlying cause behind America’s obesity epidemic?
2. Why does Pollan say that “processing foods is…a good strategy for getting people to eat more of them”? (107)
3. What is Type 2 diabetes? Why would a diet high in refined starches and sugars potentially cause the disease?
4. Why does Pollan think that “human choices” are to blame in creating such an oversupply of cheap, processed foods? Do you agree?

All Flesh is Grass
1. Why does Joel Salatin refer to himself as a “grass farmer”?
2. What are the two phases of the human-grass alliance as Pollan describes them? How do they work symbiotically?
3. Please give an explanation in your own words of how Joel Salatin’s farm operates. What makes it successful? Please describe how the animals and the ecology of the farm play their part in not only producing food, but rehabilitating the land which provides the food.

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1. Americans began drinking more than ever in the early 19th century with an emphasis on corn whiskey because America was producing too much corn. So corn is the underlying cause of America’s obesity epidemic....

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