The topic is Reasons for omission of food with meat
Please research a minimum of five sources (four of which need to be published/scholarly sources) which you will use to gather information for your research project. You will need to provide annotations of about 50 words for each citation. An annotation is an explanation of how the source will be useful to you. You may use any citation style that you are familiar with.
Include information about how the meat industry (specifically cattle and pig as you have mentioned) are harming the environment. It will strengthen the argument that you are making. There is a lot of information available about the environmental destruction that is occuring because of these industries so be sure to include it in your paper.

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Livestock and poultry farms produce an overwhelming amount of animals in increasingly smaller facilities. Most of the hogs raised are raised indoors with food and grain imported by the ton to feed them all. With all those hogs comes a substantial amount of manure. “Manure from confined animal operations is 3 times the nation’s volume of human waste” (1704). Most facilities dispose of this waste nearby. The waste contains overwhelming levels of arsenic, nitrogen, phosphorous, and other heavy metals, as well as antibiotics, that leach into the soil and water supplies. “Current farming practices are responsible for 70% of the pollution in the nation’s rivers and streams” (1706). Microbes found in livestock contribute to contaminated drinking water, nitrates cause fatal conditions in infants, and workers...

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