1. What are the advantages and disadvantages to both men and women of monogamy, polygyny, and polyandry and of arranged marriage versus individual choice? Use examples to support your argument.
2.What are the functions of the family around the world? how does the modern, middle-class American family today differ from the colonial family?
3. Contrast (a) bilateral kinship (descent) and unilineal descent system and (b) matrilineal and patrilineal descent groups.

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In serial monogamy, the most successful men, whether they have favorable traits such as being tall, wealthy, or attractive, experience the most reproductive success, monopolizing the market, so to speak (Borgerhoff Mulder 2009). In monogamy, the man knows who the mother of his children is, and even though they are monogamous, through divorce or death, can remarry and produce more children with younger women (Borgerhoff Mulder 2009). Women in serial monogamy have one man to help economically support them in raising their children, but they may not benefit in times of divorce when they may be left to financially support and take care of their children on their own (Borgerhoff Mulder 2009)....
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