Write a research paper on transnational identity from an anthropological perspective.

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In discussing Salvadoran transnational identity, one cannot contextualize it without discussing the impact of citizenship, race, ethnicity, and social class as products of labeling. As Salvadoran transnational migrants negotiate the “tricky terrain” of ethnicity and nationality, citizenship, and the politics of the state to garner an “understanding [of the] ways that migrants construct simultaneous claims of belonging” to El Salvador and the United States (Baker-Cristales 2004):22). Collier identifies several types of identity, including international, national, gender, ethnicity, geographical residence, physical ability, profession, support group membership, and neighborhood (1995):159). Yet, unlike Collier’s argument that identity endures despite religion or geographic location, I argue that identity instead changes from place to place, from situation to situation, and transnationals are labeled by terms such as hermanos lejanos, Latinos, and working class, by others, including mass media, informal and formal networks, and the state....
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