Topic: Answer the following essay questions completely, using specific examples to illustrate your points. Each essay should be approximately 250–500 words (about 1–2 pages, typed double-spaced with a typical font). Be sure to use proper citations for every idea that is not your own, whether quoted or paraphrased. Before submitting your work, please proofread it for correct spelling, grammar, usage, clarity of expression, etc.
1. Describe the role of religion in cultural stasis and cultural change. Use examples from both Western and non-Western societies to show how religion can be a force for conservatism as well as for change.
2. Using one example each from the visual, verbal, and musical arts, describe how art can be an important part of either the religious or political systems of a society.

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1.Cultural change is a “continuous and universal process” that has increased and spread substantially all over the world since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution (Moro, Myers, and Lehmann 2008:343). Religion can help shape social change, such as the Islamic Revolution, or it can keep a social group locked in a conservative position as stand against the tide of change (Moro, Myers, and Lehmann 2008). While cultural stasis implies equilibrium, many different events can cause fluctuations in this equilibrium, sparking cultural change, from environmental changes to epidemics to wars to internal conflicts to a minority group feeling subjugated (Wallace 1970)....

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