Answer the following essay questions completely, using specific examples to illustrate your points. Each essay should be approximately 250-500 words (about 1-2 pages, typed doubled spaced with a typical font). Be sure to use proper citations for every idea that is not your own, whether quoted or paraphrased. Before submitting your work, please proofread it for correct spelling, grammar, usage, clarity of expression etc.
1. How are art, religion, and culture change all evident in Trobriand cricket? How has cricket helped the Trobrianders cope with colonialism?
2. Solving the problems of the global society depends on, among other things, lessening the gap between the living standards of the impoverished and developed countries. What is the role of global corporations in these problems? How can the lessening of this gap be accomplished?
BOOK: The HUMAN CHALLENGE 13th ed, by William A. Haviland et al.

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1.A prime example of syncretism, Trobriand cricket mixes colonial British culture with the indigenous to create an innovative cultural form (Haviland et al. 2010). Considered high class and sophisticated by the British, cricket is known to be a formal sport with very specific rules and formal uniforms (Leach 2010). As part of the colonial rule, British missionaries opposed traditional rituals, such as yam harvests typically celebrated with so-called erotic dancing and chants that express virility, strength, and political power (Haviland et al. 2010; Leach 2002). While the Trobianders agreed to comply with this imposed change, they managed to take the customs of cricket and make it entirely their own by syncretisizing their traditional customs with colonial ones (Haviland et al. 2010)....
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