1. Define social stratification and summarize what Lenski, Sahlins and others say about how stratification possibly developed.
To what extent is the United States class system open?
To what extent is one’s social position in the United States changeable?
Think about whether your own socio-economic position/status compares to that of your parents (or children).

2. What best predicts higher status for women in many areas of life?
Do you think the U.S is close to having a female head of state?
What would have to change? Explain.

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1. Some social groups do not have the same access to resources, power, and prestige as other groups, a concept known as social stratification. Lenski suggested that in industrial societies, power and prestige is more egalitarian than in pre-industrial societies because technology has caused those with power to have to delegate some of the work to subordinates. Income distribution is more equal due to birth rate decline and an increased need for skilled labor, both of which creates a higher than average wage for workers....

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