1 Write a 2 page paper in response to this question. MLA Format:
What is fundamentalism?
What are the common elements across religions?
What do anthropologists think gives rise to fundamentalism?
Do you think this applies to our society today?
Explain how. What would you predict about the direction that religion might take in the U.S.?
Please support your answer.

2. Define marriage.
What theory best explains why marriage is universal?
What do our statistics tell us about trends in marriage in the U.S.? (E.g. average age, rates).
Based on your findings, will it remain customary in our society to marry?

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As the world changes and societies meet and mix due to globalism, fundamentalism becomes crucial for some societies in order to hold onto to their beliefs they perceive as the most essential and the most central to their religion, as well as to explain what is happening in the world in terms they understand clearly. Fundamentalists take a strong stance, sometimes a violent one, against change, labeling in black and white terms what is right and what is wrong. They perceive themselves to be the saviors of their society, aiming to restore it to its former glory.
For example, before gay marriage was legalized in the U.S., Christian fundamentalists pointed to the Bible as literal and unerring in order to label homosexuality and gay marriage as a sinful abomination of God’s word and Jesus’s teachings....
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