Use “The Story of the Human Body” to answer the following questions:

1. Describe the cultural evolution that took place with Homo sapiens, in other words what enabled modern humans to colonize the world?

2. Include a description of Upper Paleolithic tool technology and at least 3 examples of Upper Paleolithic ‘art (Chapter 6 of the book) ATTACHED

3. Explain the consequences (good and bad) of having “Paleolithic bodies in a Post-Paleolithic World. (Part II and III, of the book) ARE YOU ABLE TO SEARCH ON-LINE TO LOOK FOR THESE 2 CHAPTERS OR DO YOU WISH ME TO SCAN THESE 2 CHAPERS?.

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Q 1: Factors that Enabled Humans to Conquer the World

In his book Stone Age Economics, anthropologist Marshall Sahlins argues that the hunter-gatherers were more affluent than modern humans. Beyond basic sustenance, the ancient man had very little needs, had no strenuous work assignments, and ate a high variety of nutritional foods. Additionally, their social life was rich with plentiful of time devoid of extreme violence. Hunter-gatherers were a hungry lot that employed varied means of getting food, despite the primitive farming methods. They would cooperate with each other by carrying food, running and walking, and digging. Tending for one’s family was the chief preoccupation after which more free time would be spent socializing. The Rousseauian notion suggests that humans who have not been contaminated by civilization are generally peaceful, virtuous and healthy.

However, the introduction of modern agriculture 600 generations ago has impacted on the evolution of Homo sapiens. Modern man has evolved through a series of anatomical changes, including a smaller face, and a more rounded brain and skull. Modern humans have a different capacity to cultural change as compare to archaic humans. The modern man has a unique ability to transmit information from one person to another through enlarged temporal and parietal lobes...

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