Imagine that you work in the human resources department of a very large, multinational organization working on a growing international health crisis. The new director of the organization has decided to eliminate some positions to save money, and some of the first positions the director has suggested cutting are the anthropologists. Assume your job is to convince the director why cultural anthropologist is a vital member of the organization.
Compose your initial post as an email to the director. Be sure to accomplish the following:
• Define the broad field of anthropology and include an appropriately formatted citation.
• Define the specific subfield you have been assigned based on your last name and include an appropriately formatted citation for your definition.
• Identify three specific tasks or ways in which your assigned type of anthropologist could add value to this imaginary multinational organization.
• Explain why cultural relativism is valuable to the employees of this imaginary organization and why ethnocentrism should be avoided.

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Anthropology is primarily the study of the various human aspects not only within the past but also the present societies. The field often deals with the investigation of cultural, social, biological, linguistic, physical, archeological elements of humanity (Bernard & Gravlee, 2014). The aim is to solve elusive problems that occur in the society. The specific subfield that I have been assigned is cultural anthropology. As...

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