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Observe people for at least an hour in a group setting, i.e. a bar. It is not required, but ideally the setting should be chosen to reflect a set of values, interests, or identifying features of a particular group or subculture. Be sure to observe respectful protocols (e.g. dress appropriately, behave respectfully, etc), and take careful notes about how the activity is conducted.
1. Some of your original notes from the field
2. THE PAPER ITSELF: 2-4 page (double-spaced) narrative on the experience. What did your observation yield? How did these relate to any assumptions you had about the context? What might be the next step that would carry on with the particular context that you observed? What other methods might you turn to next in order to probe the context further?

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Observation report
The observed setting was that of a sports bar, located in a large metropolitan area. The bar was the place of meeting for the supporters of a specific basketball team originating in that area and was donned with the colors of the team throughout. The observer decided to participate in the events between 20:00 and 21:30 pm on a Friday evening when the team was playing an important away game. It was assumed that the majority of the supporters would visit the bar since they could not go and see the team play live.
As noted by DeWalt and DeWalt   participant observation is a method used by anthropologists as a way of immersing oneself into the lives and activities of the group one is trying to investigate. In this case, the target group were the supporters of a basketball team who frequent a sports bar which is clearly linked with the team itself or the owner(s) of the bar support the team and have decided to make that the dominant element of the image of their bar. Either way, the vast majority of regular patrons of the bar are sports fans. According to Jules, one of the waitresses “all of these people come here to watch the games, talk sports and have a good time, it’s like, their home away from home. I know most of them by name, they come here every day, even when there’s no...
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