The Arab World by Edward Hall

question : Choose ONE of the following questions to answer. Your essay should be 1 page, single-spaced.

1. Restate the author’s thesis in terms of Western (American) psychology. Outline aspects of the dynamic relationship between the individual and the collective in these two cultures from a psychological perspective.
2. Summarize the contrasting interpretations of nonverbal behaviors in the two cultures presented in “The Arab World”. Identify broader implications of such unconscious, interpersonal norms in social, political, and/or religious facets of life in each of these cultures. What impact does the study of proxemics have for foreign relations?

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Summary of Edward Hall's “Arab World”

Edward Hall's thesis, titled the “Arab World”, is an intriguing comparison between the American and the Arab cultures as interpreted with the help of the author's personal experiences. The author's portrayal of the common Arab psychology is based on his observations of their behavior both in their native abode, the Middle East, as well as in extrinsic environments like the United States of America. His analysis ranges from differences in spatial preferences to minute details such as responses to different olfactory stimuli. One finds it difficult to not notice the fact that Hall might have noticeably failed to adopt a dispassionate point of view in his observations and subsequent analysis by comprehensibly extracting conclusions from his noted points...

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