#3: Population
Choose any country and research it's Growth demographic profile. What is the structure of the age pyramid for that country (the 3 types are described in the lecture)? What are some of the advantages and/or disadvantages for your chosen country now, and in the future?
#4: Extreme
Choose an environmental extreme. Humans (really hot or cold climates, high
altitude, low food availability) and research a population who lives in that extreme environment. Discuss how this population has adapted on the genetic/biological level to this extreme, as well as a way that population adjusts its behavior (e.g. seasonal migration, special tools or structures, unique daily activity patterns) to better deal with that environmental extreme.

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Germany is the most populous country in the European Union with an estimated population of 82,790,700 million (United Nations, 2019). Out of this population, the number of people who are capable of having children are about 16 million for males and 15 million for females. The estimate is based on the mean age of first births, which is at 29 years while the previous population estimates are for individuals between 25 and 54 years (CIA, 2017). In terms of fertility rate, there are about eight births per 1000 individuals. Women in Germany are expected to have at least two children in their lifetime. Additionally, the mortality rate in Germany is estimated to be about 11...

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