List of all of the Ju'hoansi development projects and the reasons why they did and did not work.

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The Ju’hoansi are one of the ethnic groups that make up the San people who are a collection of indigenous people located in Southern Africa. The Ju’hoansi speak the click language and are known for their native hunter-gatherer way of life (Lee, 2013). They reside in Namibia and still follow their traditional culture. However, in the 1960’s numerous Western nations attempted to civilize the Ju’hoansi through development projects. The development projects included schools and education, government aid, wildlife conservancies, Nyae Nyae Foundation and the Farmer's Cooperative. Most of the development projects failed while others succeeded.

In 1973, the Botswana government opened the first primary school at Kangwa meant to foster education among the surrounding populations (Lee, 2013). Nevertheless, only Ju’hoansi neighbors the Tswana and Herero people enrolled in the school. The project was a total failure as no Ju’hoansi children attended the school (Lee, 2013)....

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