Instructions for writing assignment
You are designing a hypothetical research project, meaning you will not carry out the research. Approach the study of a specific topic within a specific group(s) of people that relates to a larger theme in the class as if you were an anthropologist. So, you will be designing a fieldwork project in which you engage with specific methods and theories related to your subject matter. You must choose some context, such as pre-history, a historical time period, or a contemporary situation, and locate your research somewhere in the world geographically. This context will determine how you approach the fieldwork vis-a-vis the methods and theories associated with a specific subfield or combination thereof.
5 pages, double spaced 12 point times new roman font, and 1"margins

1 Your topic should be specific enough that you will have a clear focus, but general enough that you will be able to link it to one of the broader themes in the course. Choose a topic that is approachable because you must justify your research in the writing of the design. It is better to choose simple and specific than something broad and grandiose.
2. Expand on these topics in essay format with: an introduction where you clearly define the who, what, where, when, why, and how of your project; a set of body paragraphs where you unpack each aspect of your research and add any background information, theoretical arguments, cross-cultural example, etc. that you feel are necessary; and finally, a conclusion where you reiterate your main points, without repeating your introductory remarks. Feel free to do some background reading as you would for a research paper, but any literature review or theoretical discussion should be supplemental to your research design and not compose the bulk of your paper.
3. Your topic can be nearly anything you want to study. The key is to ask yourself: how would I study this from an anthropological perspective? Successful research designs will be ones that are clear and focused.
4. While the majority of your grade will be based on content, spelling, grammar, and clarity will be taken into account. It is important you compose at least one or two drafts of your paper where you work on your clarity and flow of ideas. It is essential that you have a clear intro, body, and conclusion as outlined in section 2, otherwise your paper will be disorganized and difficult to read and understand. Also, be sure to spell and grammar check your papers and refer to resources to improve your writing.

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I plan to investigate whether the Mexican Embassy in America is effective in reducing or eliminating anxiety among the people it represents, besides knowing if these subjects usually have any expectations on the authority that they will intervene, thereby prolonging their stay in the U.S. I will especially focus on the undocumented immigrants from Mexico to the U.S., who come in hope that they will find a meaningful life. The motivation of my study comes from the recent presidential directive about the need to deport all the illegal immigrants in the country. To achieve the objectives of the study, I will use a qualitative approach in which I will administrate a case study on the Mexican Embassy in the U.S. The outcomes of my study are crucial, as will not only add to related anthropological knowledge but will also provide seminal insights on the need for the Mexican Embassy in the U.S. to hone its performance.
Background, research problem, and purpose
In 2018, the U.S. President called for speedy deportation without engaging the typical judicial process (BBC 2018: Par. 2). Consequently, the government scheduled enactment of "zero tolerance" policy that provisioned for the prosecution of anyone who crossed the U.S. border illegally. As he did not make the...
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