Essay 1
Please write a 1-2 page response paper in which you discuss some of the distinctive aspects of primate behavior. How do you think this might provide clues to the behavior of early human ancestors?

Essay 2
Write a response paper of 2 pages or so discussing the film “Race: The Power of an Illusion.”
Please do not give a synopsis of the film.
Instead, take the time to engage the material reflexively, thinking about how it broadened and challenged your understanding of race.
In your response, please consider the following questions:
What is the difference between a biological and a social view of race?
Why is it impossible to use biological characteristics to sort people into consistent races?
Who has benefited from the belief that we can sort people according to race and that there are natural or biologically based differences between racial groups?
It's true that race has always been with us, right? Wrong. Ancient peoples stigmatized "others" on the grounds of language, custom, class, and especially religion, but they did not sort people according to physical differences. It turns out that the concept of race is a recent invention, only a few hundred years old, and the history and evolution of the idea are deeply tied to the development of the U.S.
How do the films ideas interact with your own opinions on race as citizens of this country and members of different local and regional communities? What were some of the things you took away from the film?

Essay 3
Describe the rise of sedentary life and human transition to food production. What are the characteristics of the transition from the Paleolithic to the Neolithic. Describe the theories surrounding the domestication of plants and animals and who they are credited to. Which of these theories do you support most? Why? Describe the theories surrounding the rise of states and complex societies. How did this differ around the globe? Which theories do you favor and why?

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Race, as a concept and practice, has continued to attract the attention of many commentators, who have presented their standpoints about it through multifaceted channels, for example, films. The movie “Race: The Power of an Illusion” is a benchmark expression of the various dynamics of the race. The movie is crucial as it provided one with a range of insights that do not only broaden his or her understanding of race but also challenges their beliefs about the issue. This paper provides an in-depth reflection of the message that the resource makes a concerted effort to bring to the fore.

One of the most interesting aspects of the movie is that it presents a concise distinction between the biological and social view of the race. Drawing from a scene of the movie, the social view sets out that race emerges when different groups access vastly distinct life chances (Herbes-Sommers, Strain, & Smith, 2003)....

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