Research Turkish national sport: oil wrestling as the subject and the thesis question is "how has oil wrestling changed over time?" with more specific questions like, 'how have the rules changed over time?', 'how, have, where and when competitions take place over time change? (The famous tournament of Kirkipinar that happens every year)', and 'how has who competes over time changed?', etc... Write about the importance of oil wrestling to Turkish history and its cultural impact. The paper needs at least 10 sources and 2 of those should be sources with approximately 2500-3000 words.

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Perhaps the weirdest sport in the world is oil wrestling. However, the event is not bizarre to the Turkish people, given that the sport is recognized at the national level. According to Krawietz, oil wrestling is a competitive wrestling event where the athletes’ whole body and their Kispet (a tight-fitting leather trouser that extends mainly just below the knee) are drenched outright in a mixture of olive oil and water (2045). An athlete wins a match in numerous ways. For example, the referee declares victory if one of the competitors succeeds in pinning their opponent to the ground against their backs (Krawietz 2145). Alternatively, the referee declares an athlete a match-winner if they hold a rival from their feet upside down. A person also wins a match if they tear the Kispet of the other competitor, carry their entire body at least three steps away without the other wrestler’s feet touching the ground, or forces the rival to give up the fight. Basically, Krawietz says that the victory shows that taking hold of the opponent is essentially difficult, given the extraordinary slipperiness involved (2145). Krawietz reveals that the Turkish Wrestling Federation manages the sport (2045). Kirkpinar represents the most famous oil wrestling tournament in Turkey, often held in late June and early July. While people enjoy participating or watching the sport, there are numerous dynamics that remain unknown to them, a problem brought about by limited research on the issues. Therefore, this paper seeks to fill this gap by answering the question, how has oil wrestling changed over time? The transition is multifaceted. Therefore, this research paper targets four issues. These are (a) how the rules have changed over time? (b) how, where and when competitions take place over time change? (c) how has who compete changed over time? and (d) why has oil wrestling decreased over time in terms of both audiences and competitors? Addressing these questions is crucial because it will lead to a better appreciation of oil wrestling in Turkey and beyond, besides providing the essence of reforming the administration of the sport to rejuvenate its original appeal. The research paper applies thematic analysis to address the underlying questions. The most problematic issue that came up during research was the potential for incorporating sources or data lacking credibility. The research paper will first outline the methods used to draw data and then present the information collected. The paper will then analyze the data before discussing it, reaching effective conclusions about...

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