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2. Describe what you did to improve the campus collection using what you learned in class and in the book. (5 pts)
Last week you got a phone call from the maintenance department. They were digging down near the football field to put a new drainage pipe near where the bridge into parking lot 1 goes over the creek. They found artifacts and a skeleton in the side banks of the creek just to the north of the bridge.
You are called on to the scene and do indeed see a femur jutting out of the matrix on the side of the creek.
3. What do you do? Walk me through the various steps that you will do BEFORE touching anything. (5 pts)
You are then asked to put together a research design for conducting a CRM project at the site.
5. You propose to do Ground-penetrating radar on the survey. Explain your reasons for doing the GPR survey (5 pts)
6. The extraction of the human remains proved interesting, but they need to be reburied quickly by the local tribe. Using the bones found, how can you the archaeologist tell that the culture has moved from a foraging society to a society with subsistence based on domesticated animals?
What is it about the overall assemblage of bones themselves-that tells this? (5 pts)

7.Read the of the articles about the archaeology careers that interest you from this magazine SAA Archeological Record.
a. which two articles you read and who wrote them
b. comment on differences and similarities in these experiences.

8. If you could do the garbology project again, what would you change about your methods and analytical process.

9. Describe why the portrayal of the Indiana Jones and Lara Croft as archaeologist characters in the movies is a dilemma (problem) for archaeologists around the world. Give examples of what archaeology is trying to do in this situation. (underline two important points). (5 pts)

10. The question that is vitally important for archaeology is 'Who Owns the Past?' Provide some context to the question for someone who has no idea what you are talking about, and then secondly provide your reasoned opinion. (5pts)

11. Watch piece from the Onion on the discovery of the lost Friendster Civilization. Explain five (5) ways in which this video practices methodologically rigorous archaeology.

12. How did your perspective about archaeology change after you finished taking this class? (5 pts)

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I engaged myself in a set of actions that contributed to improved campus collection. One of the most integral cause was to apply the Geographic Information Systems, often abbreviated as GIS. Using this software, I succeeded in obtaining, storing, managing, manipulating, analyzing, and displaying an extensive range of spatial information. In addition to this, I used GIS to execute a statistical analysis of site distribution, which then allowed me to generate novel information. Another thing I did with the software and which improved the data collection process was to incorporate aerial imagery to offer not only detailed but also up-to-date information of land-use. Furthermore, I utilized a handled Global Positioning Support to determine the exact ground coordinates, which in turn allowed me to map and learn about distribution patterns. This plan of action then provided a framework for placing control points around the site. Consequently, my team employed a total station to record detailed features with the aim of increasing the level of accuracy of the information.
The first thing I would do once I arrive at the site is to locate and record the location of the site and the visible features. To accomplish this step, I would use a blend of ground reconnaissance and aerial survey. Ground reconnaissance is fundamentally the identification of the site at the ground level while the aerial survey is the identification of the location from the space or air. I would select the unsystematic reconnaissance survey to conduct the ground level site location, which implies that I would need to walk across each part of the area, scan the ground, and record the location along with the surface features. As for the aerial survey, I would use an airborne remote sensing system to take images of photographs of the...

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