Answer the following questions:

1. How did Rome appear in general before the building activities of Augustus? What was its estimated size at this time?
Who was Augustus? Why was he able to leave such an impact on the city?
2. What was the interconnection between piety and temples for Augustus?
3. What was the overall impact of Augustus’ “Urban Image” in Rome?   
4. What sorts of accomplishments was Augustus most proud? (As offered in the Achievements of the Divine Augustus.)
5. What sorts of festivals and spectacles did Augustus arrange for the people of Rome?

1. Favro, D. 2005. “Making Roman a World City” in The Cambridge Companion to the Age of Augustus, K. Galinsky (ed), Cambridge University Press, 234-248, 260-263.
2. PSR 12: Achievements of the Divine Augustus

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4. What was the overall impact of Augustus’ “Urban Image” in Rome?

Augustus transformed a wall-enclosed, brick-dominated city into a metropolis of wide avenues, adventurously tall marble temples and elaborate parks and urban greenspaces. Open spaces transformed the cityscape and expensive materials opted for superiority. Enormous thought, effort and work was also directed towards the usual “everyday” facilities such as public buildings, streets, sewers and especially aqueduct system (which received two new lines, almost doubling the volume of fresh water). Sculptures scattered around the city ornated it to a new scale. All that was achieved by implementing the “enhanced familiarity” concept in the existing ideas and plans for the city. Recognizable buildings and distinction of materials helped in navigation through the city of Rome. Augustan public works transformed dull and indistinct Republican outline of Rome into a grand capital of a global empire....
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