6 page APA style paper with:
1) What is the issue with greenhouse gas emission?
2) What is global warming?
3) Explain the two methods carbon tax and carbon cap and trade.
4) What is the climate action plan for New York City?
5) Explain how can carbon tax and carbon cap and trade making change and improvement on action plan NYC. Explain whether you think the carbon tax and cap and trade can work as an action plan for NYC.

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The carbon market has been regulated over the past 50 years with one overarching approach that is the cap and trade method. In theory, carbon tax is also a viable option to achieve the same ends, some argue more efficiently. Yet this method is still to be tested in practice, as it is yet to be implemented. As of yet, the way cap and trade has been implemented has fallen short of achieving global greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets. This policy brief analyses both approaches in the specific context of New York City, and how they can be implemented in the City’s Climate Action Plan to effectively reduce carbon emissions...

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