How did Dubai become a megacity known around the world?
Explore this title in an essay 15 pages in length referenced MLA style.
Create a presentation as well.

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With a per capita GDP in excess of $17,000 per annum, Dubai has become one of the richest countries in the world, and is the most important city in the Middle East. Yet the city has only gained this global prominence since the 1990s. This paper aims to examine how Dubai has reached its status of world-class megacity. It is assumed that Dubai’s tourism industry and oil wealth have contributed to making it a leading world city. The following ten literature reviews attempt to demonstrate and support this hypothesis.
The primary objective of this investigation is to review existing publications that have analyzed the urbanization strategies contributing to Dubai’s growth. This involves exploring sources that comment on Dubai’s investment in its tourism industry as opposed to its oil wealth, its unique approach to architecture, its ‘free zones’ as well as the lives and interactions of its 95% expatriate population with the local Khaleej population....

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