The Group Assignment (6 student in the group)

Assessment is entirely by assignment with no examination. As summarised above, the assignment comprises ONE element containing a group report and a group portfolio presentation. Because of the importance of teamwork in professional practice, the external examiners have purposefully retained this multi-disciplinary teamwork in your professionally accredited curriculum.
Whilst there is only one element – this is split into two components:
A) Group e-Report – 2000 words per group member
B) Group Portfolio Presentation – Design Pitch. 5 minute presentation per group followed by up to 10 minutes panel-questions three printed copies of an accompanying A3 portfolio (one A3 side per group member plus three A3 introductory/conclusive sides).

Group Portfolio, delivered to the module tutors will be filed and traceable under the lowest Student ID number shown on the cover sheet. You need to submit 3 bound copies of the A3 portfolio to the marking panel at the time of the design pitch. The A3 portfolio must not exceed one printed title page, one A3 printed side per group member, plus three further printed sides of A3.
Learning Outcomes and Outline Delivery
Your output will partly be judged by the ‘Client’, either one or both Maldon District Council conservation Officers, and potentially Maldon DC Members as well as the academic leaders. On successful completion of this Module you will:

LO1 possess a knowledge of the building work associated with conversion of existing structures and understand how to apply design concepts and the economic use of materials including life-cycle options
LO2 employ a range of skills and knowledge in understanding standards and regulations related to use of buildings, their sustainable use and heritage.

LO3 critically appraise by means of a case study (transferable skills) how an existing building can be extended, altered and conserved evaluating user needs and analysing economic re-use options and practicalities

LO4 develop plans for extending, adapting, refurbishing, rehabilitating and/or conserving buildings demonstrating a holistic approach in applying principles and criteria (transferable skills) to own project providing quality through design, appropriate and creative technology, and life-cycle economy.

Phase 1: Site Survey
Phase 2: Individual A3 Scheme Storyboard
Phase 3: Combining Individual Schemes
Phase 4: Overall SWOT or PESTLE analysis to verify preferred Groupwork proposal & delegate tasks.
Phase 5: Drafting and Editing the e-Report and Design Pitch (Group Presentation including an A3 Portfolio).

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