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Tunneling Visualization Using BIM in the Thames Tidal Tunnel

Case Study Current Event Agenda
Each student, working independently and not as a group, will be responsible for selecting a unique “real world” BIM current event, preparing a five (5) minute PowerPoint presentation and presenting their case study to the class.
Students shall select a “current event” that demonstrates how BIM is being used throughout the architectural, engineering, construction and owner‐operated (AECO) industry, including facilities management. A current event is defined as one that has occurred or that has been written about within the past 12 months. Current events may be acquired from books, magazines, professional journals, newspapers, the internet, library and other public sources.
Your opinion or work experiences are not valid event sources. See the discussion board post for a free email link to the AGC BIM Smart Brief Forum, which may be helpful when selecting an event.
Students should structure their overall case study PowerPoint in the following format:
I. Cover page‐list the course, your name, school name and the title of your case study
II. Event summary‐explain your BIM current event article
III. Software usage‐describe the unique way that BIM was used – list the software product(s) used and give detailed information about the software
IV. BIM analysis‐Explain how BIM played a positive role and how it affected the project, company and/or industry
V. Lessons learned‐explain what you learned and your take away from the case study research
VI. Bibliography page‐cite the source(s) of your current event article
You are encouraged to use graphics throughout your presentation, such as pictures, renderings, screenshots, charts, tables, etc. However, due to known technical issues, no videos will be allowed and your slides cannot contain any animations. Therefore, all PowerPoints should be simple static slides.

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Two tunnel structures spanning 25 km, 65m below the Thames, are to be built over an 85 month execution period, costing €821 million in East London. The project began in 2014 and is the biggest undertaking by the UK’s water industry in its history. It is hoped the design life of the tunnel will be 120 years. A total 615, 000 m3 of excavation will see the Chambers Wharf and Abbey Mills pumping stations connected through 5 shafts (diameters: 17 - 25m).
The tunnel will be built to address sewage overflow, which occurs at volumes of up to 39 million tonnes of untreated water per year. The current Victorian tunnels are thus overwhelmed and outdated. ...

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