For this assignment you will start the scale model of your pavilion project, which you will continue through Module 14. The size of the model will be at 1/2 inch = 1 foot, which will make your pavilion approximately 10 inches square, not including the roof, if it extends beyond the 10 inch square. The model is not intended to be finished within this module, but you should begin by collecting the materials you need and considering how the elements will go together.
Begin by constructing a square base out of a sturdy material, such as plywood, which is at least 15 inches square so that the pavilion model will fit comfortably on it. Draw or score a rough outline of where the walls will be placed on the base.
Consider the materials that you will use for each of the major walls and the roof of the Pavilion; they should represent as best as possible the material qualities of each of the walls. Basswood, for instance, might be used for the wood wall elevation, while plastic tubing (of the correct scale) could be used to represent the steel columns. Start on at least one of the walls for this week, and glue it onto your base. Photograph the wall from a couple of different angles to show your progress.

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The Scale Model of a Pavilion Project
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