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Prepare and present 3 short verse selections surrounding a theme to perform, who will function as your “audience of children”. You will be utilizing the “Read Aloud” method of Oral Interpretation.

• 1 nursery rhyme you feel would appeal to very young children (infants-toddlers)
• 1 poem that would appeal to young children (Preschool -Grade 2)
• 1 poem that would appeal to older children (Grade 3 or above).

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The theme that unites the following three rhymes and poems I have selected is animals; more specifically, domestic or farm animals. Thus I have kept the type of animal limited to those that the children have most likely already interacted with either in real life or at least on mediums such as books and television. This creates a sense of familiarity and recognition which increases a likelihood in the child taking interest in the poem. Below I have chosen a mouse, a hen and a dog. Almost all children from a very young age are shown what these animals look and sound like. They also may have come across them in day to day living, given especially dogs and mice are common pets and hens could probably be discussed because of the eggs they would eat. This element of familiarity engages the students further as they most likely know what these animals look like, sound like, feel like and smell like. They will thus be able to imagine them vividly as they are engaged on several levels of learning i.e. kinesthetically, visually and audibly....

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