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Please answer the following question:

Some art is "representational" in that the painting or sculpture looks like the thing it represents. If it is a painting of a chair, it actually looks like a chair. Other art is "abstract" in that the shapes, colors or textures do not represent any actual object from real life.
Are you more attracted by representational art or by more abstract concepts? Give an example of each style from the text, shared your perspective, and try to demonstrate why you prefer one to the other.

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Despite their mutual differences abstract and representational are not exclusive of one another. Differences in style reflect the artist’s preferences on the best way to convey their message to the viewers. However, I am personally more attracted to abstract concepts and there are many reasons for that. Here, I would like to share my thoughts on why I think that is.
Representational art sends the artistic message in a more understandable way. The viewer’s attention is moved towards....

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