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Architecture is another form of art that we are surrounded with on a daily basis. Like all forms of art, the time period and/or culture reflects the style of a structure.
For this discussion board select a work of architecture to discuss. It can be from your area or state. It can be a work of architecture that you have visited in your travels or would like to visit one day.
Using the architectural concepts from the reading, describe the work in detail. Provided some information on the style of the work and the architect. If you have selected something local, you may not be able to find the architect, but assess the work based on the chapter concepts as you can.
After introducing the work, explain your perspective on it. What about this structure really stands out for you? What makes it unique and worthy of closer examination?

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The architectural works of art that I have chosen to discuss are the Cube Houses, Kubswoningen, located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. They were designed and constructed by a Dutch architect Piet Blom, who is a representative of the Structuralism movement. Completed in 1984, Cube houses are his most famous work. There are 38 cube-shaped objects in total which serve for different purposes. Each dwelling is an example of modern architecture and resembles a contemporary three house....

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