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Signature Assignment (SA)- Final Assignment

The Signature Assignment for this course is a paper with cited research on a topic/project as specified by the instructor.

The Signature Assignment is a final paper for the course.

During module eight (8), you will turn in your Signature Assignment.

The Signature Assignment also provides the faculty the opportunity to assess if the student achieved the course Student Learning Outcomes (SLO).

During the duration of this course, you will need to visit a museum in person or online. Writing about art is not so very different from writing about other subjects, however writing about art tends to be more descriptive and uses art terminology.
Art is a visual experience, and you cannot write meaningfully about it without describing what you see.

During your museum visit, choose two very different works of art by two different artists, which are of particular interest to you. As you observe the two works carefully, take notes concerning their likenesses and differences.
This paper is the comparison and contrasting of two works of art that you have chosen, using the notes that you took at the museum, vocabulary from this course, and at least 4 outside sources.

Art Museums Foster an Appreciation for Ambiguity By Tom Jacobs In this Article, you will see why viewing art in person is a very different aspect then viewing it on your computer or in a book.

Jacobs, T. Study: Art Museums Foster Appreciation for Ambiguity.

Guidelines for Paper
3- 4 typed pages, double-spaced, one-inch margins, Times New Roman 12pt font.

In the four written pages you will provide a bio, explain the concepts behind the work, and how the visuals present in the work illustrate those concepts, with a comparison and contrast between the two art works.

A thesis statement, 4 sources, images, grammar, layout, and conclusion will all be taken into account
Also in the PDF, you will include 1 page of images. This page is in addition to the 4 pages of text, will have two images from the art works that you saw, and be properly labeled.

Solution PreviewSolution Preview

These solutions may offer step-by-step problem-solving explanations or good writing examples that include modern styles of formatting and construction of bibliographies out of text citations and references. Students may use these solutions for personal skill-building and practice. Unethical use is strictly forbidden.

Gender Roles Depicted in Richard Hamilton’s Just What is it That Makes Today’s Homes So Different? and William Holman Hunt’s The Awakening Conscience

Gender roles and gender power relations have been at the heart of much debate and reform in the past have century. Recently gaining most momentum under the third wave of feminism, the transforming role of women in relation to men has brought about much controversy. In 1853 William Holman Hunt painted The Awakening Conscience, centred around the figure of a kept woman rising in a moment of reverie from the lap of her abusive lover. Like a bird peeping through the claws of its hunter, she appears fragile and wholly overpowered. Over a century later, Richard Hamilton portrays the figure of another woman in Just What is it That Makes Today’s Homes So Different? This figure is muscular and independent, like a modern day Hercules wielding a lollipop stick as apposed to the generic caveman club. Both paintings can be found today in the Tate Britain gallery in London. The transformation of what a woman can be between these two pieces is remarkable. Although both these British artists painted in a style inspired and described as essentially ‘Hogarthian’ (Landow, 2001) after the artist William Hogarth, there are clear distinctions between the works that differentiate...

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