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Purpose: To develop and refine your critical voice by engaging in a consideration of whether and how something called "evaluation" is useful to the growth and well-being of artists. If you are not an artist, then you should adapt your writing to a context of practice, or a discipline, in which you are active and in which something called "evaluation" is a regular occurrence.

Assignment Prompt: Read the essay on "the tyranny of evaluation" and construct an essay in which you summarize the concerns described by the author and make connections between those concerns and the evaluative practices that take place within an arts (or other) practice/discipline with which you are familiar. The reader of your essay should understand clearly what the author of the chapter is concerned about, the reasons that underlie her concerns, and your perspectives on her concerns. The reader of your essay should also come away with an understanding of your view of the relevance/applicability of her concerns to a practice or discipline in which you have experience. In other words, you are making clear connections between her ideas and experiences and your own ideas and experiences within a particular field of work.

To be clear: I am using the terms practice, discipline, and field of work interchangeably. Dance, theatre, painting, play, writing, acting, opera, etc., are all practices, disciplines and fields of work. So are law enforcement, nursing, and financial management.

If you quote or paraphrase the author's chapter (or any other author's work) make a clear reference to what you are doing by using a style of citation of references that makes sense to you. No need to ask me what I want in this regard, I just said all that I want.

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Human perception of daily events and object varies significantly from one person to another. With this in mind, Langer noted that understanding of the world around us depends on experience informing our vision, where these experiences are unique for every person (Langer 41). If two persons were to describe the same event, let's say a barking dog, one would say it was a bad dog for making a lot of noise while other would pet the dog and ascribe the barking to dog wanting some attention and would smile about the event. Two reactional, to objectively the same event, are markedly different and are probably the result of people's previous experiences. Additionally, our personal preferences and interests also affect our perceptions of everyday activities. In this regard, Langer stated that we only see and notice things that momentarily interest us (Langer 42). Also, the significant characteristics that people use to evaluate situations in their environment differ from one individual to another. If we return to the barking dog, we can presume that the first person may be someone introverted who values peace and quiet and would put a high value on calmness in any event. The second person might be outgoing and cheerful who likes a bit of fuss and would praise all things lively and loud. Mentioned example presents different evaluation based on what is significant for someone at a given moment, however, what we need to take from this is that, no one is right or wrong but that we are all entitled to an opinion....

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