1)Richard Serra created one of the most controversial artworks of the 1980s in his public artwork Tilted Arc.Investigate his work and answer the questions below. Your research into the artist/artwork must be clearly evident in your response; within your answer, make specific reference to the assigned material.
a)After learning more about this work, in your opinion, what makes Serra’s Tilted Arc art?
b)Do you think that Serra’s Tilted Arcshould have been removed? Why or why not?

2)Now, research a different public artworkthat interests you. Consider apiece of public art that is beloved by a wide audience, a controversial example, and/or select an artwork located in your own community (think about art on USF’s campus, inparks, or public buildings, etc.).To avoid unnecessary repetition, please try to choose something that has not already been discussed in your group.
a)Identify the work (artist name, title, material/media, dimensions, date, and location) and attach, embed, or link an image of the chosen work in your post. If you choose to embed a large image, please re-size it first so that it fits the screen.Ensure that your image is notpassword protected (e.g. linked or copied from a social media site or private email).
b)Which of the five “purposes of art” detailed in the presentation would you say the work could be categorized? Explain.
c)What was the intent or purpose of the public work chosen? What does it communicate to you? Do you believe the artist(s)effectively conveyedtheir ideas and concepts?Why or why not?
d)How was the work funded? Was it publicly funded? Whether or not your chosen work received public funding, are you in favor of such works receiving such funding? Explain your position.
e)Briefly compare your chosen artwork to Serra’s Tilted Arc. In your comparison, include a discussion of site-specificity. Some public artworks, such as Tilted Arc, are considered site specific. Did the artist(s) of your chosen work take into account the site/locationor community?

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1a. If art is to be considered as a form of language that communicates ideas by visual means and helps us see the world in a new way, then Serra’s work is art because it challenges perceived notions of power and authority through its style, execution and design. The use of cor-ten steel, an industrial-commercial material and process, whilst maintaining a minimalist style, critiques commodification in a subversive and cynical way.
1b. Serra’s work was deemed successful by art critics and other artists as well as the general public. To remove it despite the overall public consensus to keep it does not serve the interests of the public; thus if it were truly public art, the sculpture should not have been removed...
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